My Physical Realm

I have been looking at my plans for physical renewal by working through the physical checklist.  I have been working on certain areas for sometime, whilst other plans are still in my head.  I thought I would write this post just to give you a bit of a heads up as to where I  currently stand.

I try to stay as informed as I can on current health and fitness information.  I tend to find that I flit between trying different things.  For example, in the last year or so I have tried the Paleo diet, being vegetarian, being vegan, and nutribullet smoothies.  Out of all these things I found that being vegan (including nutribullet smoothies) made me feel the best and I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately I was unable to sustain this one as the rest of my family did not want to do it and it became very expensive to be cooking different meals for different people.

My diet currently is not bad, I still eat very little meat but I’m more on the healthy fats and no sugar trend at the moment.  So, I’m all about The Body Coach and Lucy Bee right now (well at least food wise as The Body Coach exercises are a little too high impact for me.  Currently most problems in my life can be solved by using coconut oil!  dry ends?  Use coconut oil!  Whiter teeth?  Use coconut oil!  Stubborn eye make-up?  use coconut oil!  World peace?  use coconut oil!…

To be absolutely honest with you, I do not do any exercise.  Well, I do and I don’t!  I do not drive so I have to walk absolutely everywhere, so that’s my exercise.  So, obviously this is an area in need of improvement.  My goals here are to find a low-impact cardio activity I can do.  The other thing which I have always wanted to do is yoga so I will be looking for a good beginners book or dvd which I can use.

My sleep routine could do with an overhaul.  I have been sleeping on our (very comfy) sofa for just over a year now for various reasons including my partner’s (very loud) snoring and also my son developed a sleeping routine that involved bed-hopping in and out of different rooms during the night (it is very difficult to get him out of this due to his Autism).  I sleep well enough but I have become accustomed to sleeping on the sofa so much so that even when my partner is working away for a few days I still sleep there even though I could easily be in the bedroom.

Looking at rest and relaxation, one thing that I have always wanted to learn was meditation and mindfulness.  I have been reading various books and am currently using the Headspace app where I have just completed Day 17.  (I have a voucher code for a 1 month free trial if anyone is interested?)  I am finding this very useful in various areas of my life including dealing with the children’s misbehaviour and acting rather than reacting to difficult situations.  I just feel calmer overall.  I would really love to teach the children in the future.  We already do breathing exercises which really helps when tempers flare and is particular useful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

On my list of goals so far I have the following items:

  1. Start eating healthier and choose one new recipe a week to try.  (Today I made Coconut Granola).
  2. Find a beginners Yoga book or dvd.
  3. Look into supplement information.  (current info about Vit D).
  4. Research low impact cardio activities.
  5. Take a look at sleep routine.
  6. Follow Headspace daily meditation (Day 17 yay!).
  7. Cut down junk food to once a week (1 breakfast, lunch, and dinner allowed).
  8. Have a clean and tidy home. (I started Flylady today!  My sink is shining!  I also declutter Marie Kondo style!)
  9. Have an area at home just for me (crochet blankets, fresh flowers, music, aromatherapy, plants).
  10. Spend less and live minimally.

So, that is a lot to be getting on with.  It’s only one of the four sections!



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