My Mental Realm

I have been looking at my plans for mental renewal by looking at the mental checklist.  I have started working on a few of the areas but others I need to get going with.

I do quite a bit of reading, mostly nonfiction and of the personal development variety.  I also read books related to areas of interest such as nutrition, natural beauty products, mindfulness and meditation and home keeping.  I do read occasional fiction which tends to be of the thriller genre.

As for having a regular writing process, this blog is the start of that.  I have tried keeping various types of journals in the past but I always seem to start worrying about someone finding it and give up and throw it away.  I seem to have a bit of a complex in general about people knowing the real me and whether they will like and accept me or not.  I spent a long time being a people pleaser and now that I have stopped being that way, people have definitely noticed a difference – yet I’m still not quite comfortable with sharing all of me yet!

I clear my mind on a daily basis by meditating.  I’m a beginner and I’m currently on Day 22 using the Headspace app(I have a 1 month free trial voucher code if anyone wants it).  I’m finding it easier each day but I still have days where my mind seems to wander consistently!  I also like the idea of relaxation through music.  I rarely seem to listen to music anymore and this is something I would really like to get back into.

I used to really enjoy doing word puzzles, suduku puzzles and actually jigsaws in general so I would love to start doing this again.   DLP (Daddy’s Little Princess) loves to do jigsaws too so this would be a lovely activity to do together.  I found my old DS the other day and my brain training games so perhaps I’ll give these another go!

My main hobby is crochet.  I taught myself a couple of years ago.  It’s very relaxing but very time consuming.  Whenever I start my crochet, everything else is put on the back burner.  The last blanket I made took six weeks of my free time.  So I love it, but whilst I’m trying to make important changes in my life any big projects are best avoided!  I guess I could make a blanket one granny square at a time.

My six-week project!

I need to explore other hobbies.  The best way to do this is to think about what you loved to do as a child, often we forget about the things which gave us joy back then.  For me, hobbies included drawing, painting, arts and crafts, caring for animals, writing stories, gardening, feng shui, I ching, and singing !  I do very few of these now, so maybe it’s time to incorporate some into my life.

I would like to continue my education informally.  Some subjects which interest me are the arts, psychology and nutrition.  There are a lot of great free resources on line these days so i need to start having a look at what’s available.  I even found an old French Linguophone course I never got round to doing so perhaps I should start by learning a new language.

I need to have more conversations with people.  I am about as introverted as you can get and feel very awkward in social situations and have a certain amount of social anxiety.  So practise, practise, practise to increase confidence.

I have a diary to organise myself but I do not use it to full advantage.  With all the stuff I’m planning to get done I think it would be smart to start off with a decent planning system!

On my list of goals so far I have the following items:

  1. Read books regularly.  Fiction and non fiction. 
  2. Start a regular writing process such as this blog or journaling. 
  3. Follow Headspace Daily Meditation (Day 22! Yay).
  4. Listen to inspirational music.
  5. Challenge my mind.  Puzzles and brain training. 
  6. Spend time doing activities I love.  Crochet, gardening, poetry, aromatherapy, creative pursuits, singing.  Plus the above mentioned.
  7. Study something I’m interested in.  Learn a language.
  8. Have more conversations with people.
  9. Start using a planner or diary more regularly and effectively. 

This should keep me busy for a while!


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