Journal prompt #1

As part of my mental renewal I made the decision to start a regular writing process.  This blog is the start of that process.

I have wanted to keep a journal for a very long time and I have attempted to do so on numerous occasions in written form.  I always start off with much enthusiasm but I find that after a while when I feel comfortable enough to be writing down very personal things I then begin to worry.  What if someone finds my journal?  What if they read something about themselves?  What would people think if they knew my real thoughts?  In the end, panic consumes me, I start having irrational thoughts like “What if I die before I have the chance to dispose of this?”  I then dispose of said journal, feeling like a failure again.  A few months later I start looking around shops and seeing all the pretty note books and the process starts again!  (I have a vast collection of gorgeous notebooks with pages torn out.)

In the end, I think this is what led me to blogging.  I feel more confident with the total anonymity.  Yes, it’s possible for someone who knew me really well to perhaps recognise my stories in these pages but the odds make it unlikely and I feel happier with that.  At least with this blog.  In a previous blog I have written deeply personal stories and laid my soul bare, even that became unbearable for me so was deleted.  This blog is different because it’s about strength and positivity and working on ourselves.  It can only be a good thing.

In any case, I still love a good journal.  There are so many brilliant ones on the market these days.  I found this brilliant list on Buzz feed with some great ones to try out.

Awesome journals to try

I thought I would choose one of these journals, pick one of the journal prompts and transfer it to here.  Today’s journal prompt is:

List five things that always, and immediately, bring a smile to your face.

  1. Daddy’s Little Princess (my daughter) because she is so creative and already hugely humanitarian, kind and empathic. 
  2. Mummy’s Little Soldier (my son) because he gives the best smiles and hugs and has a lovely gentle nature.
  3. My partner when he is completely present and involved in family life.
  4. Friends who I just ‘click’ with and feel comfortable with immediately.  You can spend time apart but when you see each other again, it’s like you’ve never been away.
  5. Having a job where I make a huge difference to people’s lives every single day.

    What makes you smile?


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