Value Clarification & Commitment, Study & Meditation

The following checklist is taken from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Handbook by Stephen Covey.

The answers you give to these questions can help you find the areas you need to work on in your life.

Let your conscience guide you as you work through this checklist. Being self-aware will provide an assurance that the renewal plan you come up with will be right for you.

Check only the items to which you can truthfully answer yes.

I have defined what my values are, and I plan and live my life accordingly.

I have created my mission statement. I rely on it to give vision to my purpose in life.

I find daily renewal through meditation, prayer, study or reflection.

I frequently spend time in a place where I find spiritual renewal, e.g., in nature, a synagogue, a chapel, a temple.

I live with integrity and honour.

I keep my heart open to the truth.

I am able to take a stand or tell the truth, even when opposed by others.

I frequently serve others with no expectations of any type of returned favour.

I can identify with things in life I can change and which things I cannot. I let go of the things that cannot change.

I can connect to my inspirational guide as needed.